• Gwet Grow

    GWET GROW is a similar combination spray adjuvant concentrate for plants and crops. Various field trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of Gwet Grow, Crop cycle test. Similar results prove the product with the exact combination of ingredients.

    Main Elements: 80% Nonionic 20% Surfactant Inert Ingredients

    Available Packing: 250ml / 100ml

    Product Action & Benefits :

    • Wetting agents, or spreaders Plant growth regulators, plant growth promoters, herbicides, Foliage for spreading pesticides, insecticides and any other growth products For use in the application.
    • Increase crop yield.
    • Act as a soil compaction aid.
    • Water is easily absorbed from the soil.
    • Reduce the surface tension of water.
    • Maximize the impact of PGRs and pesticides.
    • Reduces irrigation expenses.
    • Improves chemical effectiveness.

    Dosage: 3-5 ml/15 liter water (pump)
    160 ml per 80 liters in 1 acre

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