• Humate Fulvate Liquid Fertilizer


    Humate Fulvate Liquid Fertilizer is a revolutionary natural fertilizer that helps to improve the fertility of your soil. It is an organic fertilizer that contains humic acid and fulvic acid, which are both organic compounds that help to increase the availability of essential nutrients to plants and improve soil structure. It also helps to improve water retention and reduce runoff, promoting healthy plant growth. Apart from all this it is well packed in the best quality of the packaging of material along with proper guidelines of uses.

    Product Details:

    Product Type Humate Fulvate Liquid Fertilizer
    Type Fertilizer
    Form Liquid
    Color Green
    Released Type Controlled
    Composition Humic & Fulvic Acid
    Storage Condition Store Away From Direct Sunlight
    PH 8 - 10%
    Application Home Gardening, Agriculture
    Suitable For All Type Soil
    Packing Material Drum
    Exporter By Gujarat Greenchem Industries
    Country Of Origin India

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