• Micro Pearl All Combined Liquid Fertilizer

    Micro Pearl All Combined Liquid Fertilizer is a revolutionary fertilizer that provides plants with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and health. This liquid fertilizer is designed to be applied directly to the soil with a watering can or sprayer, making it easy to use in any garden or lawn setting. The combination of essential micronutrients, macronutrients, and trace elements ensures your plants will receive all they need to thrive.

    Product Details:

    Product Name Micro Pearl All Combined Liquid Fertilizer
    Type Liquid Fertilizer
    Form Liquid
    Brand Micro Pearl
    Drip Irrigation 300 - 400 Ml Per Acre
    Storage Cool Place
    Ingredient Micro Nutrients, Fulvic Acid, Alginic Acid, And Minerals Etc
    Seed Treatment 1-3 Ml / 1 Kg Of Seed
    Application Gardening
    Used For All Crops
    Features Easy To Use, Balances Leaf Growth, Thicker
    Net Quantity 500 Ml
    Packing Material Plastic Bottles, Can
    Exporter By Gujarat Greenchem Industries
    Country Of Origin India

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