• Micro Pearl

    MICRO PEARL An even combination of macro and micro nutrients, humates, fulvates, various micro elements, minerals and vitamins. Various field trials, crop cycle trials and research conducted to prove the effectiveness of MICRO PEARL. Similar results prove the product with the exact combination of ingredients.

    Application: Describing the stage from seed to fruit at an interval of every 15-20 days.Composition: 20%(w/w) dry basis total dissolved solids Agrochemicals to prepare 100% pure formulation Which includes humic acid, fulvic acid, micro elements and PGR trace.

    Available Packing:  1 Ltr. / 500 ml. / 250 ml.

    Product Action & Benefits :

    • Improve the absorption rate and transport rate of microelements in plants.
    • Promotes biological nitrogen fixation and protein synthesis.
    • Take advantage of crops' protein synthesis and chlorophyll production.
    • Quickly cure current and potential nutrient deficiency diseases.
    • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
    • Increase yield and significantly improve quality.
    • Darken leaf color, increase light absorption ability. Improve wax layer thickness and leaf shine.
    • Get larger and good sized fruits, Increase sugar and vitamin content in fruits, Improve blossom and fruit set.
    • Increase leaf photosynthetic efficiency.

    Dosage:  Foliar Application: 25-30 ML / 15 Liters of Water (Pump)
    Drip irrigation: 400 ML to 1 liter per acre
    Seed treatment: 15-20 ml/1 kg seeds

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