• Root Grow Power

    ROOT GROW POWER An even combination of humates, fulvate minerals and vitamins. Various field trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of Flourish SPH, Crop cycle test. Similar results Products with exact combination of ingredients Let's prove it.

    Application: 500 grams per acre at an interval of every 15 days, indicating the stage of seed to fruit. Composition: Humic Acid 60% min w/w, Fulvic, Minerals, Growth Promoter. Soluble = 100% (quick - release)

    Available Packing: 1 Kg. / 500 gm.

    Product Action & Benefits:

    • Take advantage of crops' protein synthesis and chlorophyll production.
    • Increase anti-stress and anti-disease ability.
    • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
    • Increase yield and significantly improve quality.
    • Get big and good sized fruits, increase sugar and vitamin content in fruits, The leaves quickly become green and thick.
    • Improve blossom and fruit sets.

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