• Root Grow Sph

    ROOT GROW SPH An even combination of humates, fulvate minerals and vitamins. Various field trials, crop cycle trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of Flourish SPH. Similar results prove the product with the exact combination of ingredients.

    Application: 500 grams per acre at an interval of every 15 days, indicating the stage of seed to fruit. Composition: Humic Acid 60% min w/w, Fulvic, Minerals, Growth Promoter. Soluble = 100% (quick release)

    Available Packing: 1 Ltr. / 500 ml. / 250 ml.

    Product Action & Benefits:

    • Regulates PH in acidic or alkaline conditions.
    • Triggering rooting increases nutrient intake.
    • Enhances microbial and mycorrhizal activity.
    • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
    • Maximize chelation of plant nutrients.
    • Maximize photosynthesis and increase cell division.
    • Healthy leaves and fruit appearance Thick, large and balanced leaf growth.

    Dosage: Foliar Application: 25-40 grams/15 liters of water (pump)

    Drip irrigation: 500 grams per acre

    Seed treatment: 4-6 grams/1 kg seeds 

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