• Root Grow

    A similar combination of humates, fulvates, various microelements, minerals and vitamins. Various field trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of Root Grow crop rotation test.

    Application:  Describing the stage from seed to fruit at an interval of  every 15-20 days.Composition: 20%(w/w) dry basis total dissolved solids Agrochemicals to prepare 100% pure  formulation Which includes humic acid, fulvic acid, micro elements and PGR trace.

    Available Packing :  1 Ltr. / 500 ml. / 250 ml.

    Product Action & Benefits :

    • Promoting the buffering capacity of soil is essential for healthy soil and effective
      soil enhancement.
    • Increase moisture retention capacity Removes radiation and other toxins in soil.
    • Regulates PH in acidic or alkaline conditions.
    • Triggering rooting increases nutrient intake Enhances microbial and mycorrhizal activity.
    • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
    • Maximize chelation of plant nutrients.
    • Maximize photosynthesis and increase cell division.
    • Healthy leaves and fruit appearance Thick, large and balanced leaf growth.


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