• Sea Pearl

    Sea Pearl An extraction from algae and microelements containing bioactive ingredients alginic acid, betaine, mannitol, iodine And alginic polyphenols etc. Various field trials, crop cycle trials conducted to prove the effectiveness of SEA PEARL.

    Application: Describing the stage from seed to fruit at an interval of  every 15-20 days.Composition: 20%(w/w) dry basis total dissolved solids Agrochemicals to prepare 100% pure formulation Which includes humic acid, fulvic acid, micro elements and PGR trace.

    Available Packing :  

    1 Ltr. / 500 ml. / 250 ml.

    Product Action & Benefits :

    • Increase moisture retention and promote soil buffering capacity.
    • Removes radiation and other toxic substances in the soil.
    • Take advantage of crops' protein synthesis and chlorophyll production.
    • Increase anti-stress and anti-disease ability.
    • Accelerate seed germination and increase crop yield.
    • Increase yield and significantly improve quality.
    • Maximize photosynthesis and increase cell division.
    • Get big and good sized fruits, increase sugar and vitamin content in fruits,
    • The leaves quickly become green and thick. Improve blossom and fruit sets

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